Short answer: I fucked up making eco-friendly designs only for people with enough money to pay for them.

Long answer: Crafts in Europe are dying because of globalization. Producing stuff is to go against the flow. If it’s something small-scale and handmade, good luck. You will most probably end up making design objects at a price only affordable to the upper classes. That idea didn’t let me sleep well.

I guess that’s why I thought up this 3-format division. Less man-hours for me, less money for the buyer. Less stuff being sent from my house to your house, better for the planet. The idea only required me to become YouTube on the way, to record the video tutorials on how to assemble the objects. But… who doesn’t want to be Youtuber nowadays 😉

selling formats

One format for those with money. Another for those with time. And one more for those who have a little of each one.


Ready to enjoy. You’ll get the object finished and running. Armed with as much care as my hands are capable of.

  • PROS
  • + Excellent manufacture, advantages to make a lots of them.
  • + Zero complications.
  • CONS
  • – It’s more expensive, I like to eat 3 times a day.
  • – Zero learning.
  • * Object assembled and working.


Ready to assemble. You will receive a kit with all the tetrapak pieces cut, and the PLA printed parts. As well as precise instructions for you to assemble it by yourself.

  • PROS
  • + Significantly reduced price.
    + You will have a self-made object.
    + You won’t have to wash, store and cut tetrapaks.
    + You don’t need a 3D printer.
  • CONS
  • – Requires shipping of material, not the most environmentally friendly.
    – You don’t reuse your own garbage.
  • * All tetrapak pieces.
    * All PLA parts printed
    * Assembled electrical part (if applicable)
    * Detailed drawing with measurements (PDF)
    * Step-by-step video tutorial on assembly.
    * Consulting in case of crisis.


Ready to manufacture. You will receive all the necessary information to manufacture the object by reusing your own tetrapaks, including the files PLA parts to be printed out.

  • PROS
  • + Symbolic price.
    + You will have a self-made object with your own garbage.
    + I don’t need to send you anything physical, it’s the most ecological.
  • CONS
  • – You need to print in 3D some pieces.
    – Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come out perfect at first. It happens to me all the time.
  • * Detailed drawing with measures (PDF)
    * Step-by-step video tutorial
    * Video tutorial to wash, store and cut tetrapaks.
  • *PLA parts .STL files
  • * Links to purchase electrical parts.