tetrabracelet d5

An out of phase bracelet. It can be adjusted in size by adding and removing two triangles modules. Four centimeters width.

It is available in two different configurations, depending on the pattern you follow when you assemble it. One is with the acute vertices appearing over the boundary circumference. The other hides the vertices inside the cylinder.

Completely handmade with used tetrapaks, no adhesive.

It takes 2 almost complete tetrapak and 4 g. of PLA to make a TetraBracelet D5, and a lot of accuracy.

You can purchase it in any of the three selling formats.

required tetrapaks

grams of pla






selling formats

One format for those with money. Another for those with time. And one more for those who have a little of each one.


Ready to enjoy. You will receive the finished and working object. Assembled with all the care my hands are capable of.


Ready to assemble. You will receive a kit with all the tetrapak pieces cut, and the PLA printed parts. As well as precise instructions for you to assemble it by yourself.


Ready to manufacture. You will receive all the necessary information to manufacture the object by reusing your tetrapaks. As well as the files for you to print the PLA parts.

assembly video tutorial

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