It is a website based on the design*, and transmission of knowledge* of handmade tetrapak objects.

It will be a project as long as there are single-use packages, and people*, with as many Rs as necessary*, until there are no more raw materials*.

*Design: Because after 9 years of architecture studies one gets fond of designing useful things. And there is something romantic about making garbage in useful things.

*Manufacture: Because I think you have to get your hands dirty to understand the world. Designing something that you won’t produce is like eating slided bread without crust.

*Transmission of knowledge: Because I think that teaching is a higher task than trading. As well, knowledge transmission is more ecological than transporting goods. Therefore, I don’t want to become the kind of person who hides what he knows in order to get money.

*As long as there are single-use packages, and people: Because I hope that one day we will not consider normal to interact with our environment through short-term interactions. I hope that day we haven’t yet fucked up anything impossible to repair.

*With as many Rs as necessary: Because now it seems that we can choose between so many ways of being ecological that we only have to find the one that best matches with your personality. I refuse to list them, I refuse to get into that game, call it whatever you want, but try to stop producing shit every day you live.

*Until there are no more raw materials: Because after all of this, I shouldn’t be doing this, and I won’t be perpetuating it. I wish I could see a day when I wont be able to make my designs. I’ll feel that my purpose has been completed.